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About Us

We are Mike Smith and Adam Brown. Based in Barcelona, we have over 40 years’ combined experience in communications and design.

We work together because we share two fundamental principles. A successful project needs good design. And good design needs empathy.

We bring empathy to every project we work on. We build a detailed picture of what you’re trying to do, why, and most importantly who for, and use that insight to develop solutions that meet your needs – and the needs of your audience.

This means we’ve got to be great listeners. The people we’re designing for are our roadmap to success: we have to understand them, and bring them along with us in the design process.

We pride ourselves on building great relationships that deliver results. We trust our clients, and our clients trust us. We go the extra mile to understand your work, your audiences, and your goals.

We discover
We invest the time to really get to know you, your work, your audiences, and your goals.

We design

We work closely with you to design solutions that are right for your project.

We deliver
Need a website or digital tool? A strategy, visual branding, or full communications package? Whatever your project, we bring together the right experts to deliver it.
photo of Adam Brown

Adam Brown

Adam has spent the past 14 years developing, managing and implementing design and communications projects with international NGOs and non-profit clients throughout the world.

He is passionate about getting to the heart of what any project is trying to achieve, building a clear understanding of challenges, contexts, and audiences, and working together to design successful solutions.

Photo of Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Mike has been practicing design for more than 20 years, working in a wide range of mediums and with a diverse range of clients from small startups to large international campaigns.

He believes that design is integral to every project, forming the basis for not only what something will be and what it will do, but how it will be interacted with by the audiences it is intended for.

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What our clients say

"We had no idea that working with Smith&Brown would make such a central contribution to the project itself."
Erez Levon
Professor of Sociolinguistics, QMUL
"I especially liked how they ensured that staff were really involved in the whole process."
Alexandra Malmqvist
Communications Coordinator, Publish What You Pay
“We appreciated that they went the extra mile - going above and beyond what a normal agency would produce.”
WWF logo
Ane Rémy
Director of Communications, WWF Med
"The communication products created by Smith&Brown helped us reach top-level policy makers"
Francesc Maynou
MINOUW project lead, CSIC